Meet the GFN Leadership Team

Unlike most Prop Firms not only do we believe in showing ourselves transparently but our entire Leadership team are highly experienced traders themselves. That means they understand financial markets deeply and are therefore best placed to assist in your growth with us here at GFN.

Neerav Vadera (NV)

Founder, Chief Executive Officer 

Neerav worked for many years directly on the Main Trading Floor at one of the largest Investment Banks in the world, Barclays Investment Bank. If you are going to be part of a Prop Firm surely that is the calibre of ownership you want to be under.

Ziga Stiftar

Director of Trader Support

Zig is an experienced Institutional Trader who has successfully held a large funded account himself for several years. He therefore understands better than anyone what is required to succeed in the Prop Firm industry and that experience is brought directly to you.

Reghard Steenkamp

Director of Operations

Regie has been involved in Markets for a considerable period of time, trading a wide variety of asset classes including Foreign Exchange and Equities. He handles GFN’s Operations and is best placed to ensure we are at the forefront of the very best Prop Firm environments.

Gabriel Szabo

Senior Manager, Trader Support

Gabs is one of the most skilled short term professional traders you will speak to. Highly experienced in all facets of short term trading such as order flow and classic Prop Firm strategies he is perfectly positioned to assist GFN traders.


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