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* An 8% Max Drawdown on a 1 Step is unbeatable in the Prop Firm Industry. See table below; why would you settle for less?

** See our FAQs for a detailed explanation of all evaluation metrics and add-on purchase options to increase leverage and profit share.

How It Works

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You Trade, We take the Risk.

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The One Time Evaluation Fee. That’s It!


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Get a simulated GFN Funded Account, keep up to 90% of the gains!



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Get a simulated GFN Funded Trader Account from $10,000 to $200,000


Select your Virtual Account size: $10k – $200k

10% Virtual Profit Target (No Time Limit)


You are now a GFN Funded Trader

Receiving up to 90% of the gains with ZERO RISK!

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Why is GFN The best prop trading solution for you?

Get Funded Now CEO, Neerav Vadera, worked for many years directly on the Main Trading Floor at one of the largest Investment Banks in the world, Barclays Investment Bank.

His desk was personally responsible for managing approximately 1/10th of the entire GLOBAL $5 trillion daily foreign exchange volume.

What other prop firm CEO can say that? NONE

This means Neerav understands how trader evaluations work at the very highest levels and what type of environment you as a retail trader require to succeed.

To be honest it is really quite simple if you think about it; Your likelihood of obtaining a simulated Funded Account is almost entirely correlated with the required Profit Target and Drawdown you are allowed in order to achieve said target.

THAT'S WHY GFN cannot be beaten

As aforementioned, based on his experience working at one of the top Trading Firms in the world, Neerav recognized the environment required to succeed:

Simple easy to understand evaluation processes combined with THE BEST set of rules (metrics) & tight spreads.

That is exactly what GFN delivers. See the comparison table above for yourself, GFN trading metrics simply CANNOT be beaten!

Set yourself up for success not failure. Read our FAQ’s below for more info, see you on the other side!

New To Get Funded Now? Start Here (FAQs)

Get Funded Now (GFN) is a trader evaluation services firm offering clients the ability to complete an assessment and prove their trading skills without the need to risk any of their own personal funds, for just the price of a one time upfront fee.

After passing our evaluation, eligible traders are able to receive up to 90% of the gains generated in their simulated GFN Funded Account!

By adhering to the evaluation’s 
objectives and guidelines, traders can fine-tune their trading strategies, developing a deeper understanding of market dynamics and of risk management techniques.

This setup not only provides an accessible trading environment for all levels of traders to develop their skillset but also allows traders to earn rewards based on the profits they generate from their simulated trades!

In order to become a GFN Trader and get rewarded with up to 90% of the gains generated in a simulated GFN Funded Account, we first ask you to pass a ONE step evaluation.

This allows us to make sure you can manage risk safely. Once you pass, you are given a simulated GFN Funded Account of up to $200k and are able to receive up to 90% of the gains generated on it! It is that straightforward.

To begin simply choose the level of virtual funding that fits you best and pay the evaluation fee (your only ever outlay). Your evaluation credentials will be sent to you immediately.

To pass, complete the objectives outlined in the Knowledge Base and in our Terms & Conditions. Y
ou will see for yourself we have the most generous evaluation objectives in the industry. Period.

ONE single evaluation, NO minimum trading days and NO time limits. That means you will likely not have a better chance of success with any other evaluation services firm in the world.

Once you pass the GFN Evaluation, congratulations you are now ready to start trading on a GFN simulated Funded Account keeping up to 90% of the gains generated in your simulated GFN Funded Account. GFN will continue to cover all losses.

Please note; before issuing a GFN simulated Funded Account or any type of reward we require that you verify your ID and pass our KYC/AML screening. For most people, this will never be an issue, and the check will take no more than 5 minutes.

Profit Target

To pass the evaluation you must achieve a virtual profit target of 10%, however, the advantage is that there are no further steps or phases so you are immediately eligible to receive a simulated GFN Funded Account of up to $200k.

Max Drawdown

The Max Drawdown is the maximum your account is allowed to drawdown at any time before breaching your account. You can think of it as the “total account stop-loss”.

The initial level is set at 8% from the starting balance of your account. An 8% Max Drawdown (combined with the 10% virtual profit target) on a 1 Step evaluation is unbeatable in the trader evaluation services industry.

Whilst the Max Drawdown on the evaluation is a relative drawdown, the drawdown only follows you up until you reach a virtual profit target of 8% after which we completely remove the relative drawdown and allow you to draw back down to your initial starting balance before breaching your account.

This means after reaching a virtual profit target of 8% the Maximum Drawdown can grow to be much greater than 8%.

For example, if you have a $100,000 account, you can go down to $92,000 before breaching the account. Let’s say you are a profitable trader and make $4,000 in your account. Your High-Water Mark is now $104,000 (balance, so just closed trades). Your Max Drawdown limit will be $96,000. Next, you make an additional $4,000 in your account. So, your new High-Water Mark is $108,000. Here is where the Max Drawdown locks in, so as your High-Water Mark rises your Max Drawdown limit will stay at $100,000, which means your Max Drawdown increases beyond 8%. Let’s say you have grown your account to $120,000. Your effective Max Drawdown level is now 20% (2.5x greater).

Daily Loss Limit

The Daily Loss Limit is the maximum your account is allowed to drawdown on any given day before breaching your account. You can think of it as the “daily account stop-loss”.

The initial level is set at 5% from the starting balance of your account for all our evaluation programs. It means that at any moment during the trading day the decrease in open or closed trades should not exceed this predetermined limit.

The Daily Loss Limit on the account is re-calculated at the end of every trading day based on 5% of the account’s balance or equity, whichever is greater when the trading day changes at 5pm EST.

The good news is, because we base the Daily Loss Limit on a %, and not a fixed $ amount, the more money you make in your account the wider your daily stop-loss is! For example, if you start with a $100,000 balance and grow that account to $120,000 (balance or equity), your daily stop-loss level is now $6,000 vs. $5,000.

The Daily Loss Limit and Max Drawdown rules serve as important risk management measures, ensuring that traders control their equity fluctuations within a specified range. By adhering to these rules, traders can protect their simulated capital and maintain a disciplined approach to managing their account!

To allow you maximum trading flexibility the following completely optional add-ons are available for you to purchase at the check out if you wish:

1. Our Standard virtual profit share of 75% can be increased to 90%.

2. Our Standard Leverage can be doubled to 20:1 (FX & Metals Only).

3. The compulsory requirement to use a Stop Loss can be removed.

Alternatively to give you ultimate value we also have the option for you to bundle all 3 add-ons together for a substantial saving over adding them on separately.

The choice is entirely yours!

Starting out with GFN is simple and straightforward. Head over to the Challenge section of our website and select the virtual account size you would like to take your evaluation on. That’s it.

Pay your one time fee. Within a few minutes you will receive your virtual trading account credentials in a welcome email and will be able to access your very own state of the art Trade Hub where you will find everything you need to track your progress.

You are now ready to start trading, risk free (your only outlay is the One Time Evaluation Fee!)

Check out our Comprehensive Knowledge Base for answers to even more FAQs

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